Lent is Coming

As I write this, Ash Wednesday is a week away.

The 100th anniversary of the apparitions at Fatima are a few months away.

Here a couple of things to help us along the way.

Best Lent Ever is a program from Dynamic Catholic.  I found out about it because my parish gave away copies of Resisting Happiness by Matthew Kelly, and there was a blurb about Best Lent Ever on the back cover.

The men’s group I belong to – The 27:17 Fellowship – is now studying the book.

I can’t tell  you if Best Lent Ever is a good program or not, but I am going to sign up for it, so I guess I’ll find out.

Nineveh 90 is a program started by Fr. Richard Heilman.  It began on February 13, but nobody says you can’t start late.  You can find an explanation of it here.  It’s kind of a long post, and the essential program is listed near the end.  There are a lot of things for sale at the websites, but you don’t actually have to buy anything to do the Nineveh thing.

Let this Lent be a time of spiritual growth for you.



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